Instagram’s Newest Update: Emoticon Hashtags and more


Instagram has taken Social Media by storm with their latest update with Emojis! The company updated its iOS and Android apps yesterday with the ability to add emoji hashtags to posts alongside three brand-new filters. Continue reading

Discovering Facebook Plugins


Facebook is currently facing a ‘needle in a haystack’ situation. Finding a brand that entices you to come back for more is becoming increasingly difficult and becoming a brand ‘people are talking about’ is even harder. To amplify your page impressions, we recommend utilizing simple plugins that ensure finest connectivity and easy sharing. Here are a few new (and old) must-haves: Continue reading

Curator: Simplifying your Twitter efforts


Whether it is Art Week or Food Festival, surfacing great Twitter content in key moments is an essential catalyst for interacting with fans and sparking engagement. It seems for a while now Twitter’s data sorting and stream management has been lacking specifications. With the introduction of Curator, we’re predicting a diminishing gap between high quality tweets and easy content acquisition, this new platform plays a very important role in managing Social Media efforts and here’s how. Continue reading

Vessel: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

VESSELIn early 2014, Jason Kilar and Rich Tom gave up their positions as Hulu’s CEO and CTO to build Vessel with the objective of bringing viral video stars on board. Upon launching in December 2014, Vessel rapidly started to stir the pot for existing YouTube viewers as they now consider watching their favorite stars on a platform that exclusively allows viewing the content 72-hours in advance. This new kid on the block intrigues us and here’s why…

Continue reading

Dubai’s Next Big Thing


Two decades ago, Dubai was but a sand castle. Over the recent times, it has startled the world with its audacious constructions and flamboyant establishments. The city has overcome its past, enhanced its present and now it’s on the path to creating the future.  Continue reading

What it’s like to be in Social Media


Spoiler: We don’t FACEBOOK all day.

We spend most part—maybe all—of our day on Social Media, springing from platform to platform, scheduling posts, strategizing ahead and keeping up with our klients (Yes, I went there). From worrying endlessly about Facebook’s organic reach regression to enlightening my clients on what really happens after you ‘follow’ people on Twitter and spending my time Instagramming through dinner (and consequentially making it cold), I’ve come to realize – Social Media is NOT just a job, it’s a lifestyle. Continue reading