The five types of #McWhooper fans right now

Burger King invited its archenemy; McDonald’s to join hands in making every burger lover’s dream come true… The McWhooper. The goal? To operate one restaurant for one day staffed by employees of both companies and selling a burger called the McWhopper, a blend of the Big Mac and the Whopper, the best-selling burgers at McDonald’s and Burger King. Since, McDonald’s oh-so-politely (NOT) declined, millions of hearts were broken last night and we’re talking about the collateral damage. Continue reading

New SocialEyez: Colour Perceptions


Colour is one of the most persuasive aspects of marketing. Strictly speaking as industry professionals, colour must induce a certain profile to a brand, but that’s far-fetched, isn’t it? Fact of the matter is, that it is too dependent on individual experiences to be universally translated to specific responses. Therefore, when we selected the hues for our new identity, it was more about personality than perception. Want to find out what the new SocialEyez entails? Read up! Continue reading

Infographic: A day in life of a Social Media Manager

It’s the question we’re asked more than anything, “So what do you actually do all day?”

The word out there is that social media managers spend all day on Twitter/Facebook collecting followers and spend an unhealthy amount of time taking narcissistic #agencylife selfies and snapchatting their lunch. However, ‘IRL’ we’re constantly innovating, tweeting, articulating creative strategies and searching for the next best cup of coffee.

If you work in social media, is this close to what your average day looks like?


Google Now: Your Digital ‘Better Half’

shutterstock_220531183 copy

For five years, iPhone and Android have always been at odds, with Android grabbing the headlines and iOS falling slightly short. Closed vs. open; Design vs. customization, those lines have become blurred ever since. The two operating systems were continuing to converge, until Thursday. The goose-chase became even harder on Apple when Android became more compelling, and Google I/O 2015 just got ahead of itself with Google Now on Tap. A digital soul mate to its users and a threat to Apple’s OS, this new technology may just be ‘The One’ we’re all waiting for.  Continue reading

Instagram’s Newest Update: Emoticon Hashtags and more


Instagram has taken Social Media by storm with their latest update with Emojis! The company updated its iOS and Android apps yesterday with the ability to add emoji hashtags to posts alongside three brand-new filters. Continue reading